DC Power

When power interruption is not an option – not even for a millisecond – Schultz is the safest, most reliable choice in the region for engineering and installing redundant power services.

Since the turn of the new century, we have established partnerships with Fortune 100 companies and other customers who depend on safe, secure power solutions. We respect their assets and the access they give us, as well as the demanding nature of the work and the trust they place in us.

Our DC power services include customer liaison and requirements definition, site surveys, solutions engineering, equipment and materials procurement, equipment and plant materials installation, testing, turn-up, and quality assurance programming, and Infrared/Thermograph surveys – all in strict compliance with customer standards.

Capabilities Include:

  • 48 VDC Power Plants
  • Battery strings
  • Main and supplemental powerboard installations
  • Rectifiers/chargers (ferroresonant and switch mode)
  • BDFBs
  • BDCBBs
  • Inverters
  • Bus bar installations
  • Cable rack installations
  • Cable lacing
  • Cable terminations
  • Hot transition work
  • Ironwork/auxiliary framing channel
  • Alarms and monitoring