Special Services

The Schultz Special Services Division offers a full range of electrical services that lie outside the traditional scope of day-to-day construction, installation and maintenance. Whatever the work entails, we have the resources required to meet the challenge, including 24/7 repair and emergency capabilities.

Constant Presence/Maintenance Agreements – Continental provides a range of constant-presence solutions to meet electrical maintenance needs. Our project management and field personnel are proficient in all aspects of maintenance, including arc-flash training. The result is an expert, safety-oriented workforce.

Thermal Scanning – Infrared thermography locates problems before they compromise operations. Our specially trained electricians evaluate them and perform on-the-spot repairs if necessary.

Arc Fault Surveys – We perform data gathering, software calculations and diagramming to comply with NFPA requirements and combat the sudden electrical discharges that can damage circuits and threaten lives.

Power Quality Testing – Schultz is fully equipped to perform power quality testing and recording, an invaluable means of determining whether problems are due to a facility’s electrical system or its incoming power.

Preventive Maintenance – From visual and infrared inspections to data collection and analysis, we provide all the services necessary to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and ensure equipment is functioning safely, smoothly
and economically.